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6PM Tonight on the “Just Another Menace Sunday” radio thing

This week’s DTM Conversation is with Norway’s Sløtface for a chat and their punky, tasty Musical Sandwich™! Plus…New Melodic Rock and Roll from Ride, Chain Of Flowers, Her’s, The Orwells, Hoops, Ty Richards, Laura Carbone, Grandaddy, PIXX, Middle Kids, Walter Lukens, Tennis, Dan The Man and R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner all on...

Brainwaves – February 28, 2017 – Gotta smile!

It’s a Polyphonic Spree free-for-all – four songs from the band to start this week’s Brainwaves. Plus let’s getting smiling with Chicago, Michael Lord, Barenaked Ladies, The The, and the Flying Machine. And a couple of fab Beatles/McCartney covers from Walk off the Earth and the Bellyachers.

Ola’s Kool Kitchen 185

Ola’s Kool Kitchen NOW on a super spatial sonic journey. Show  185 Menswear-Daydreamer-Nuisance-Laurel London Gomez-Whippin’ Piccadilly-Bring It On-Hut Negative Lovers-.38 Loves Me-Black TV-unsigned Gasti Lucsin Y Las Venusians- Violeta Amanecer– Latino América Shoegaze: Compilado 2012- Disco C-unsigned The Microdance-God’s Joke-God’s Joke-In At The Eye Records Gang...

@LopsidedWorld Of L- Sunday February 26, 8pm

Always bringing you different shades of music from around the globe. Berlin era #327 features Nergal from Behemoth (Poland) on his new project of Me And That Man with melodic goth. Others to be listening for; Atticus Chimps (Queensland), Baloji (Congo), Rebuilt Electric (Germany), Jarxx (Poland), The Harlots (Melbourne), Speaker First (India), and a brand new Iggy Pop w/ Danger Mouse. A trippy...

Brainwaves – February 21, 2017 – Over the moon with you

We’re going over the moon this week on Brainwaves, with music from Beck, Regina Spektor, Blind Pilot, Lush and Shlomo Artzi. And how could we skip “Moon” Unit Zappa! 80s obscure pop from the Bottles, the Lonely Boyz and the Electrics. Plus Arcade Fire, Auto Escape and Arco.

Ola’s Kool Kitchen 184

Ola’s Kool Kitchen NOW on Andhow.FM with a whirlwind of sonic droplets of delight for you! Show 184 Catatonia-Mulder and Scully-International Velvet-Blanco Y Negro The Kills-Tape Song-Midnight Boom-Domino Big Pauper-Blue Dawn-Beyond My Means-Circle Into Square/Fake Four Inc Stellarscope-The Age To Come-Call Me Destroyer-Patetico Recordings Edinburgh School For The Death-Of Scottish Blood...

@LopsidedWorld Of L -Sunday February 19, 8pm

Berlin era #326 begins with one hellofa set. Parisian’s Justice, London’s The Survival Code and Germany’s Ian Turner vs Tony T really set the pace for two hours of new artists debuting on show. Also LWOL staples Warrington, England’s The Winachi Tribe and Portland, Oregon’s Sallie Ford are back with new tunes. Key debuts are U.K./Nashville’s Danny Warsnop. Also...

Brainwaves – February 14, 2017 – Getting ghostly

It’s Valentine’s Day this week, not Halloween, but I’m feeling a bit ghostly. So how about some ghost songs on this week’s Brainwaves? The Rewinds with “Ghostriders,” Swedish pop band We Ghosts, Simple Minds and Aimee Mann kick off the latest show. Also: the psychedelic original version of The Guess Who’s “No Time,” a set of “start” music with They Might be Giants, the Editors the Jam and the Shirts, and an old favorite from the early 80s: do you remember Throbbing Gristle?