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Brainwaves – May 30, 2017 – Indie music discoveries from the Sea of Galilee

Every year I go to the Jacob’s Ladder music festival on the Sea of Galilee where I discover some amazing new Israeli indie music. So that’s what I’ve got for you on this week’s Brainwaves. Meet Judy Antebi, Mika Sade, Dorin Yanni and the Band and Nefesh Mountain. Plus a set of “Kelly” music with the Eels, Juliana Hatfield and Kelly Clarkson, a TV set (The Tubes, TV on the Radio and TV21) and 30 minutes of “movie” music (featuring Two Door Cinema Club, The Cinematics, Death Cab for Cutie and more).

Ola’s Kool Kitchen 331

Ola’s Kool Kitchen NOW on andHow.FM and I’m your pusher with the best stuff! 1. Soundgarden-Head Injury-Ultramega OK-SST 2. The Morlocks-Dirty Red-Easy Listening For The Underachiever- Olde Haat Records 3. Ethica – This One-single-616069 Records DK 4. Matt Boroff – Grand Delusion-Grand Delusion-Rewolt 5. Rathbone-Springtime Carousel featuring Ave Azul-single-self...

@LopsidedWorld OF L- Sunday May 28, 8pm

Berlin era #339. It’s in the mix of new artists and songs, also songs played over the years on the two times award winning show plus a few Classics. Going for a certain mood and feel on this very special 20th edition of showcasing women musicians. Classics include Marianne Faithfull, Portishead, Transvision Vamp, Joan Jett and Ronnie Spector.  +Ronnie Spector words (chat I did with...

Marvin Hamster Music Emporium – MH135

The Marvin Hamster Music Emporium is two hours of alternate music from the 80s and 90s brought to you by your Rodent of Retro. The show is usually six sets of about 20 minutes. Each set has a theme, or combination of songs, that fit together somehow. This show is a replay from November 2014, MH135. Devil Bunny Set Lips Like Sugar – Echo & The Bunnymen Heartbeat – The Psychedelic...

Brainwaves – May 23, 2017 – Pop goes the country!

Brainwaves goes country pop this week for the first part of the show. Get set for some Kacey Musgraves, B-Star, Avett Brothrs, Gangstagrass and not one but two Cash’s. And are you ready for an over-the-top progressive rock version of Richard Harris’s MacArthur Park? It’s only on this week’s Brainwaves.

Ola’s Kool Kitchen 330

Ola’s Kool Kitchen NOW on andHow.FM filled with good things from 1. The Vines-Get Free –Highly Evolved-EMI 2. Clientele-I Had To Say This-Suburban Light-Pointy 3. You People- Deliver Me Home-Dropouts-Custom Made Music 4. Duncan Lloyd-Heads Of The Bastille-I.O.U.O.M.E.-Afternoon In Bed 5. Jacob Quint – Fade Out-single-self release 6. Neu!-Lila Engel-Neu!2-U.A. 7. Lithium X-mas-Ballad...

@LopsidedWorld Of L- Sunday May 21, 8pm

On Berlin era #338 changing it up and refreshing your song of the week. From now until end of year THE CULT every week. Plus two artists you know return with new music. Germany’s Clan Of Xymox and London’s The Godfathers. New artists include Tunisia’s Emel, Canberra’s Gus & Jim, Iceland’s GKR, and Mexico City’s Animam. Two out of the box to listen to,...

Brainwaves – May 16, 2017 – The Pretty Show

On this week’s Brainwaves, every song has to pass the “Jody test.” That means it’s a song that Brian’s wife Jody would like – pretty, melodic, and not too hard rock. You’ll hear music from Teenage Fanclub, the Church, Rosi Golan, the Bangles, Passenger, Adrina Thorpe, Bread, Iron & Wine, R.E.M., Snow Patrol, Keane and more. It’s two hours of eclectic alternative pretty music.